A Made In New York Brand

An organically aromatic experience.


Ebb & Flow NYC: Where Luxury Blends with Nature’s Rhythm

Crafting an award-winning brand experience for Ebb & Flow NYC, where handcrafted luxury meets the organic flow of nature.

We partnered with Ebb & Flow NYC to translate their vision of mindful moments into a tangible reality – a brand identity that whispers exclusivity while inviting deep personal indulgence. From website and packaging design to captivating email campaigns that have grown their customer base and boosted sales, our collaboration aimed to weave a narrative of serenity and opulence seamlessly intertwined with nature’s touch.

Capturing the Essence:

Ebb & Flow’s philosophy echoes the rhythm of life’s natural ebb and flow, where moments of calm wash over you like gentle waves. This core concept became the guiding light for our design choices, weaving a connection between luxury and nature’s organic beauty.

Packaging Design:

  • Award-winning artistry: Each package is a masterpiece, recognized for its innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship, celebrating both luxury and natural elements.
  • Luxury redefined: Neutral and dark color palettes create an air of sophistication, while custom fonts, meticulously crafted to reflect the brand’s organic ethos and handmade quality, add a touch of exclusivity.
  • Tactile indulgence: Textured papers, reminiscent of natural materials, and subtle embellishments invite a sensory exploration, further elevating the luxurious experience grounded in nature’s touch.

Website Design:

  • A digital sanctuary: Immerse yourself in a haven of tranquility with the website’s calming visuals and intuitive navigation, mirroring the organic flow of nature.
  • Storytelling through scent: Each product page is a journey, with evocative descriptions that transport you to a world of aromatic bliss, infused with the essence of natural ingredients.
  • A curated community: Discover wellness rituals inspired by nature, product insights, and exclusive glimpses into the brand’s world through a dedicated blog section, fostering a connection with customers who share the appreciation for natural luxury.


  • The ebb and flow symbol: The logo, a wave motif crafted with elegance, subtly embodies the brand’s core theme, blending seamlessly with organic shapes and textures.
  • A touch of understated luxury: The design language strikes a perfect balance between modern minimalism and timeless sophistication, reflecting the brand’s commitment to both luxury and natural elements.
  • Cohesive expression: Logo, packaging, and website seamlessly blend, creating a unified brand experience that exudes luxury, infused with the organic flow of nature.

Beyond Aesthetics:

Our partnership with Ebb & Flow NYC went beyond creating beautiful visuals. We crafted email campaigns that resonated with their audience, fostering brand loyalty and driving sales by highlighting the unique blend of luxury and natural elements. The result? A brand identity that transcends aesthetics, effectively communicating Ebb & Flow’s values and inviting customers to indulge in moments of pure luxury and tranquility, inspired by the rhythm of nature.

  • Website Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Branding