An alcohol alternative cocktail experience

Concoction Cocktails or COCO.

COCO gives “mocktail” a new meaning. Crafted by a pair of mixologists in Brooklyn.

Introducing COCO, the brand that shakes up the mocktail scene with bold design and vibrant flavors, all in a convenient can. We partnered with COCO to ditch the dull and bring the fun, crafting a brand identity that screams “party in a bottle” (well, technically a can…).

Young, Vibrant, Unforgettable:

COCO isn’t your average mocktail. It’s a celebration of life, color, and good times – minus the alcohol. This fun-loving brand targets a young, vibrant audience who craves delicious drinks without sacrificing the party atmosphere.

Cocktail in a Can:

Gone are the days of boring mocktails. COCO’s packaging design reimagines classic cocktails like mojitos and margheritas, showcasing them in all their glory on the can itself. It’s like holding a mini masterpiece, complete with garnishes and vibrant colors that burst from the shelf.

More Than Just Mocktails:

COCO understands that mocktails are a choice, not a sacrifice. Their range of mixers allows you to personalize your experience, adding a splash of fizz or crafting your own unique combinations. It’s all about unleashing your inner mixologist and having fun.

Beyond the Design:

We didn’t just stop at the cans. We developed a cohesive brand identity that extends to social media, marketing materials, and even the customer experience. It’s all about creating a vibrant world where anyone can join the party, regardless of their drink preference.

The Result:

COCO is more than just a mocktail brand; it’s an experience. It’s a celebration of flavor, creativity, and inclusivity. And with our design partnership, we helped them stand out from the crowd, proving that mocktails can be just as exciting, delicious, and eye-catching as their boozy counterparts.

Ready to ditch the dull and join the COCO party? Grab a can and raise a toast to good times, great taste, and endless possibilities.

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