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Have you ever wondered what are the rough logo sketches behind famous brands? You might be surprised by how these iconic logos began.

Sketching is where the science – which is everything we’ve learnt during the brand strategy – meets the art.In this phase, thoughts and feelings take form.

Sketching is intuitive exploration of conceptual design solutions.
Some designers use a napkin to sketch, some use a sketchbook and the others start right away with the computer.

During the design process I sketch my logo ideas by hand – using pencils, pens, china markers or paint brushes and often correction fluid, rulers and compasses.

Sketching logos on paper or tracing paper is the way that works best for me, as well as many successful designers.

Ultimately it’s all about the idea, right?

Sketching logos might be time-consuming and for this reason taking breaks is as important as the research and the design brief.

By taking a break and resting, your ideas mature and develop in the back of your head.
It is so easy to get stuck and get tired of a project and this is why logo designers take breaks.